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Would Jesus Go to the Super Bowl? | Noah Stepro

Noah Stepro

Noah Stepro

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Would Jesus Go to the Super Bowl?

Would Jesus Go to the Super Bowl?

Yes. And No.

Today I reposted a blog on sex-trafficking and the Super Bowl…the traction and debate it generated really surprised me, so in the spirit of avoiding an endlessly repeating cycle of Facebook comments (most of which no one reads before posting their own thoughts) I will offer a more detailed, nuanced look at this Sunday’s super game.

“Jesus would totally go to the Super Bowl!”

  1. That is where people are gathering, Jesus seemed to be with the people…even beer chugging Broncos fans.
  2. Sports promote physical health, team work and sociability – the Lord likes all those things right?
  3. Watching a sporting event can be a great way to unwindand rest…certainly God was into that.
  4. There is absolutely nothing intrinsically wrongwith the sport of football.
  5. All the Seahawks love him.


“Jesus would brandish a Pig of Nineskins and clear the stadium!”

  1. The Super Bowl is a place where celebrity worshipmay be at its highest point of the year. Between the ridiculously overpaid, championed athletes and the Halftime Show it is perhaps the most widely watched 3 hours of idolization out of every year.
  2. Merchandising, commercials, and endorsements/product placements promote happiness through stuff (i.e. capitalist materialism)…I’m pretty sure Jesus hated that and said some harsh things about envy and the worship of wealth.
  3. Sexual exploitation – that’s right I went there. Even if there wasn’t a single girl trafficked into the area for the purposes of pleasuring the traveling fans and franchises (which there are…I have a friend who was trafficked for such purposes) the sexual manipulation/exploitation that takes place during the ads and the Halftime Show is reason enough to avoid it.

So would Jesus go see the Seahawks and the Broncos show down this weekend? It depends on where his Father was leading. If it was the moment to be with some people that are going to open up and be vulnerable to him…I could totally see Jesus hanging at the game. However, it seems the Super Bowl is far more against the values of God’s Kingdom than aligned with it. Does the game explicitly mean idols and exploitation? No for most people it is a family tradition or the culmination of a season competition. But if we think about the deeper meaning of what it has mutated into over the last 30 years are we called to reexamine this national event?


I tried to picture Jesus going to the Gladiator games or circuses in Rome…they were hedonistic expressions of violence, sexual debauchery and emperor worship. Is the Super Bowl that far away from Roman chariot races? If anything it may be more exaggerated and wide spread? I think one of the reasons my earlier post on FB rubbed quite a few people the wrong way is that sports can be major idols in our world. There is no direct vice in watching the game (the halftime show is a different story). I think this is where the confusion comes in…we can watch the game while still following and staying in the will of Christ, but should we? The answer is Yes. And No. If we are gathering to be together, reach out to our neighbors and enjoy community it can still be a great event (despite the underbelly of the beast…Jesus didn’t condemn nor support the Roman army) or it can be a time to revel in fantasy, lust and envy…what are you going to make it?


I genuinely think God loves football…not sure about the NFL though. What do you think? I’d be curious to hear from some football fans on this.

What do you think?

Please keep your comments polite and on-topic.


One of the main reasons I don’t watch the SB is I simply don’t care for football. Another (and this is a big one) is because of the ridiculous amount of occult symbolism that has permeated pop culture, the entertainment industry and yes even the SB half time show.

This statement pretty much sums it up ” I think one of the reasons my earlier post on FB rubbed quite a few people the wrong way is that sports can be major idols in our world. ” when something is such a hot button topic, perhaps it would be better to dig deeper and examine that issue rather than vehemently support our position.


January 31, 2014

I agree with you Ari


January 31, 2014

I really love your thoughts on this topic as I tend to be criticized by most people on what I don’t watch, listen to, or financially support. There is a lot wrong with the Super bowl, definitely the half-time show, which you can choose not to watch,and everything else you stated; but there is still the game itself which can be great. All these other things that happen at the Super Bowl happen in many places throughout our culture. I think another question to ask (instead of would Jesus go to the Superbowl)is ‘Jesus, is it ok for ME to go to/ watch the superbowl?’ Ask him in prayer and listen to what he tells you; then obey what he says. We find occult/demonic symbolism everywhere, even on the outside of a starbucks cup. So do we completely abstain from everything that hints at idolatry? Where is the line? I wrestle with this a lot and so far I find that if I’m in communion with God about his business, then I’m sensitive to hear his voice and obey his direction. I think he places specific things on people’s hearts for a purpose and if you feel lead not to participate in something that everyone else – even church leaders – say is ok, listen to God even if you don’t fully understand. 🙂

Deana Crawford

February 3, 2014

Deanna I totally agree with you… I catch a lot of slack for this too. I think Super Bowl is maybe sacred cow in our culture… But I agree there’s nothing wrong with the game and there’s nothing wrong with football. It really is a matter of sorting out what’s right for you to do and what you should take a stand on and what you can participate… But I genuinely feel it’s different for different people


February 3, 2014