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Noah Stepro

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9-21-14 #WhyChurch: Discontentment

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Until we are discontent with the things of this world we will never find contentment with God.

“Restlessness is discontent — and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man — and I will show you a failure.” ― Thomas A. Edison

9-7-14 #WhyChurch: A Foretaste

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The Church is called to be a place where anyone can come and experience a taste of what life is like under the coming reign of Jesus

Church is supposed to be a taste of the coming feast at the table of God, not a diet from what you’re missing out on eating now! We are invited to first experience the goodness of the King before reorienting our life around the rule of the Kingdom. The Church is impotent, boring and petty when we don’t understand the Kingdom of Heaven and have a weak view of the King. If we are to be a foretaste of the Kingdom of God, a place where anyone can experience the goodness of God, we must be consumed by Jesus.

8-31-14 #WhyChurch: A Sign of the Kingdom of God

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When the church is a sign of the Kingdom of God, we warn of danger, are clear to read, guide to true destinations and are easily seen in and around the community

When the church fails to point towards the Kingdom of God in all it does, we mislead people, distract seekers from Jesus and obscure the truth #WhyChurch

8-24-14 #WhyChurch: The Problem

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If we want to be dynamic, New Testament followers of Jesus, we need a dynamic community of faith that will equip, challenge and encourage us into the life of Christ.

If our understanding of Kingdom doesn’t have Church at the center, we will inevitably lose the King at the center too

8-3-14 Abandoned or Adopted

As we are adopted into a new life, a new family with God, we are called to bring others into our family.

“It is not imitation that makes sons. It is sonship that make imitators.” ― Martin Luther

“And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” -Jesus

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7-27-14: Enid: A Faith Beyond Your Means

We cannot have faith unless without being called outside of our comfort zones

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7-13-14 Habakkuk: Hinds Feet On High Places

What are the heights that feel unattainable, impossible, dangerous and out of reach in your life? That is exactly where God wants to move you through the power of the Spirit. Arrogant people are shameless self-promoters who try to make it through life on their own strength. The righteous shall live by the faithfulness of God and humbly take a place of less importance, waiting for God to lift them to a place of honor.

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6-29-14 Habakkuk: The Accuser Silenced

Salvation comes in desperation – God’s presence in your life will shake every foundation. What prisons need to be shaken in your life right now? Here is our installment on Habakkuk 3 – how to live by faith.

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6-15-14 Habakkuk: The Shameless Defamed

When we live in relationship with God as Father we feel the need to see everyone else as his children rather than objects for exploitation. God says the righteous shall live by faith…that means exposing the darkness of pornography, exploitation, rape, globalization and drunkenness by living in the light of Christ through community, transparency, thanksgiving and dignity.

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6-8-14 Habakkuk: The Civilized Demoralized

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We can either build our own EMPIRE or join in the coming of the KINGDOM of God…but we can’t do both!
Our ideologies can become the idols we set up and worship in the name of progress, freedom and safety. Hail Jesus as King and joining his Kingdom is the only driving force for a disciples life.