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12-14-14 – (Advent)ure: Timelines

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Our hope lies not within the past but in the possibilities of the future. God is all about dramatic acts of redemption and courage that alter the course of human history

“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.” ― Rick Warren

“People are all over the world telling their one dramatic story and how their life has turned into getting over this one event. Now their lives are more about the past than their future.” ― Chuck Palahniuk

If God Wouldn’t Have Made Apples, We’d All Be Perfect

Trolling along Facebook this morning I came across this long and unclever “meme” on literalism, sin and the Bible. (yes I made up the word ‘unclever’…I think it is rather… ingenious). I recalled a very rousing discussion I had over Thanksgiving this last year on the literal nature of Genesis. Before I go further, I am not going to layout any position or beliefs on the matter, if you are really interested in that send me a message and I’ll let you buy me a coffee. I will however offer a few suggestions on the meaninglessness of the debate.

I’ve had these thoughts for a long time but rarely find and occasion to put them together. This simple little picture sums up so well the problem of black and white, simplistic theology and the claims that a lot of us in the Evangelical world adhere to and the equally problematic reasoning of atheists/agnostics who use the same reasoning to discredit Christianity. Run through this list and see if you resonate with any of these.
  • Without a literal Adam and Eve we are not all sinners (Original Sin)
  • Without Original Sin we don’t all need redemption
  • Without the need for Sin Atonement Jesus is redundant at best, pointless at worst
  • Ergo, everything in Genesis 1-8 is literal or Christianity is untrustworthy
Both camps, scriptural literalists and atheist physicalists would agree with this theology…BUT IT IS WRONG!!!
  • Do you really need the Garden of Eden to know there is sin in the world? In us?
  • Do you need be inherently wicked from birth or can we just admit that everyone misses the mark at some point, not because of Original Sin but because of the ecosystem we are part of.
  • Is Jesus only good to us as some sort of cash payment for our own brokenness?
I think if the Bible started at Genesis 8 we would still have a clear understanding of God’s plan, acts of redemption, human brokenness and sin. The first 7 chapters of the Bible are wonderful, but they are not the essential building blocks of Christian belief. I’m not saying they aren’t real, or valuable or anything. But all of the early heroes of faith understood the nature of God’s Covenantal Love, Human Brokenness and the need for Redemption without a written copy of the creation account. If you removed this from your system of thinking how much would your theology change?
Leave some thoughts, comments, challenges…I would love to hear from you on this