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Noah Stepro

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Embracing Grieving and Loss

I’ve been trying to do something that is incredibly uncomfortable for me lately…being ok with not being ok. I typically power through hard times, I like to play the hero. In the moment this can look great…but I become pressurized from never processing pain and eventually it comes out in irrational rage at small things and the occasional bout of ugly-crying.

Sunday night after driving home from an exceptionally great worship gathering at Kairos but an exceptionally hard week/weekend I did something different. Instead of jumping straight into a podcast or audiobook (my typical driving routine)…I decided to grieve the week’s hardships and my lack of control…I did this through the add of my old friend “Sunny Day Realestate”(I posted a spotify link below…they are quite good). The result: a much less stressed out day on Monday. So embrace the loss and face the grieving…It is the only hope you have of thriving in the future.

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